From the book of the hut

Rules for visitors to the Adamello Brenta Nature Park

Rediscover the thrill of getting excited.

Listen to the silence, the wind, the sounds of nature.

  1. Experience the secrets of the Park from dawn to dusk.
  2. Collect images instead of fragments of nature.
  3. Look for the signs of man, respecting the local culture.
  4. Leave the car at home, use your feet, bicycle or shuttle service.
  5. Live the experience calmly, following the rhythms of nature.
  6. Bring back your own waste and, if necessary, collect the waste left by others. To ensure that the Park remains clean.
  7. Discover nature, even with the help of the Park experts.
  8. Wear appropriate clothing.

Respect the flowers and plants: their colours and their perfumes deserve to be savoured by those who will pass after you. Each natural element has its own fundamental function for the balance of the ecosystem. Respect nature enjoying every element of it in the place where it is found: smell the sweet scent of the flowers without picking them, observe the trees without ruining them. When you sight wild animals, keep at a distance, they are afraid of man as well as of dogs - which must always be kept under control. Avoid loud noises, and loud music, appreciate the tranquillity of the Park and its inhabitants. Furthermore, it is absolutely forbidden to feed the animals; they know how to find it independently and our behaviour, even if in good faith, could be harmful or even fatal to them.

  1. Amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates (insects, molluscs, etc.) are also fundamental to the balance of nature and deserve your respect.
  2. The worst enemy of the woods is fire. If you want to light one, use the fire points set up in the Park or a special fireplace at least 50 meters from the edge of the forest.
  3. In respect of flowers, animals and hikers, use the bicycle only on the roads. On the paths, push it by hand.
  4. Minerals and fossils should be left where they are. They've been there for millions of years, thanks to the respect of those who preceded you.
  5. Dull the tones and ignite your senses. The park is a completely different type of music.
  6. In order to not disturb the magical balance of the Park, it is forbidden to camp here.
  7. You can pick mushrooms almost everywhere, but you need a permit, which is issued by at the town halls.
  8. If you happen to find any war surplus, do not pick it up. It is severely prohibited and could even be dangerous. Rather,signal its discovery to the Park Guards.

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