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Follow the mountain trails found in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park and discover the natural wonders of this territory

Unforgettable mountain holidays spent strolling, hiking and mountain biking

Moments full of rich emotions are to be experienced when hiking here in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park in Trentino.

Live in harmony with the Val d'Algone and the park's environment, explore the territory and discover the natural wonders thanks to the beautiful mountain trails in total respect of nature. Excursions, trekking and breathtaking climbs to the tops of the Dolomites, tranquil strolls in the woodland and rides on mountain bikes will make your stay, here at Baita Valon, unforgettable. And when dusk comes, and your legs are tired after an energetic walk, what better place to put your feet up and enjoy a cosy open fire then Baita Valon?

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The fossil stone of the Val d'Algone testifies the ancient origin of the Dolomites and other rocks present in the Val d'Algone. The presence of fossils brings us back 250 million years when the sea covered all the territory of the Trentino Region. Nowadays small animals that lived at the bottom of that sea can be found calcified in the dolomite rocks. The Fossil Stone is located at about 1500 metres and is reached following a charming forest trail. The total trip takes about 5 hours taking into consideration the return trip.

From the 17th century
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descending in the direction for Stenico, you reach a picturesque hamlet called Iron. Iron was built in the 17th century by the inhabitants of the nearby village of Ragoli to escape the plague which had spread in their village, After a long period of neglect, the hamlet has been completely rebuilt and the houses used as mountain houses, like Baita Valon before being renovated. The downward walk takes about 2 hours and the return hike about 3 hours.

Round trip
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This round trip starts at  Baita Valon. A 1 hour walk  brings you to Movlina: a natural terrace with views of the Dolomites and the Adamello. Here you can take advantage of the many stone BBQs dotted around the meadows and perhaps  grill yourselves some meat. The return journey takes you to Malga Nambi where you can taste some traditional mountain dishes. From here back to Baita Valon.

Lake Valagola
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From Movlina, which can be reached either by car ( permit needed) or on foot, Valagola can be easily reached with a tranquil 1 hour walk. One of the 4 lakes of the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park is to be found here. The shore of the lake is the ideal place for a relaxing picnic. There is also a bivouac open to everybody. The return journey, being uphill, will obviously take a little longer.

Towards Pinzolo
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From Baita Valon  to Movlina and then onto SAT trail 345 to Passo del Gotro and then to Passo Bregn da l'Ors ( 1836m). From here down towards Pra Rodont, the intermediate funicular station of the Dos del Sabion ( 1500m). Here you can decide either to take the gondola down and visit the quaint village of Pinzolo or take the gondola up to admire the mind blowing view of the whole of the Brenta Group and Adamello. You can, if you want go on foot, both down to the village or up to the top. Duration of excursion: 5 hours c.

XII Apostoli • 2489m
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From Baita Valon to Movlina ( by car or on foot). From Movlina follow  SAT trail 345 that leads to Passo del Gotro and then to Passo Bregn da l'Ors ( 1.836 m asl). Here follow SAT trail 307 with a view of  Valagola and its lake. The trail leads through green plains where the ascent begins. The “Scala Santa” is equipped with wire ropes to make the climb over the rocks easier and safer. The rocks then become flatter and voilà, Rif. XII Apostoli! ( 2.30 hrs).. From here many of the most beautiful peaks of the Brenta Group can be reached. For the return journey we recommend taking SAT trail 341 towards the Val Sacco with breathtaking views over the Val d'Algone. This excursion takes about 4 ½ hours.

Val d'Algone
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Hut Val d

Easy ring route suitable for everyone, which winds through the beautiful Val d'Algone and allows you to cross pastures and forests, pastures and alpine pastures in a breathtaking scenery surrounded by the Brenta Dolomites. From Baita Vallon, through dirt roads and easy paths you reach first Malga Plan, a structure still active for the summer pasture and then Malga Movlina, inserted in a fairytale setting, between wide pastures and mountain peaks, considered one of the most beautiful views of the Dolomites.

Duration: About 4h, possibility of packed lunch Height drop: 400 meters Difficulty: Easy, recommended for everyone

Malga Movlina
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Malga Movlina

Easy itinerary suitable for everyone, which winds between the spectacular Val d'Algone and Val Brenta. From Baita Vallon short transfer by car to Malga Movlina. From this suggestive location, among wide pastures and alpine woods, we reach the Bregn da L'ors pass; now we descend until we reach the clearing that precedes the Valagola lake, a true spectacle of nature. When you reach the lake and the adjacent Malga Valagola, you can choose whether to go back to Malga Movlina or to continue the descent in Val Brenta and return to baita Vallon by transfert.

Duration: About 4h, possibility of packed lunch Height drop:  400 meters with return to Movlina / 200 with return to Val Brenta Difficulty: Easy, recommended for everyone

Refuge XII Apostles
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A very satisfying itinerary in a wild Dolomite environment with an amazing view. From malga Movlina you go up along the path that leads to Val di Sacco surrounded by the majestic peaks of the southern Brenta; through rocky terrain you reach the XII Apostolida pass where you will soon arrive at the little church dug into the rock, and the adjacent XX Apostoli refuge. After a well-deserved break, we return to Pian di Nardis and malga Movlina.

Duration: All day long, 3½ hours ascent, possibility of lunch in the refuge  Height drop: 900 meters  Difficulty: intermediate, recommended for those who already practice trekking

Rock Climbing
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Try the thrill of climbing on the Dolomite rock, acquire confidence and familiarity in the vertical dimension in complete safety, the test is suitable for everyone, children and adults. Transfer from Baita Vallon to a crag in the valley. Technical equipment is provided by the mountain guide.

Duration: About 4h, possibility of packed lunch Difficulty: Easy, recommended for all people who want to put themselves in the game

Fixed rope climbing
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The ferrate in the Brenta Dolomites are dedicated to people eager for adventure and emotions, curious to enjoy exclusive views from a privileged point of view. The excursion will be planned according to the expectations and physical training of the participants; the technical equipment will be provided by the mountain guide.

Duration: All day, possibility of lunch in refuge Difficulty: Easy, recommended to all people who want to put themselves at stake


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