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Roads and paths in Trentino

There are all types of roads... In its simplicity, most parts of mountains are crossed by roads, paths, trails...each one of these has its rules and regulations, some written some not.


In Trentino, roads are classified as type A or type B. and can be recognized by a prohibition sign at the beginning of the road governed by the provincial law 11/2007. These roads are exclusively for the forest guards or in extraordinary cases of necessity. This is to safeguard the environment and its inhabitants

Type B roads are the forest roads not used exclusively by the forest guards and are usually roads used to reach mountain farms, refuges, huts etc. Vehicles using these roads must exhibit a paper authorization issued by the Municipality ( or by the owner in case of privately owned forestry)


Each valley has its network of official paths , marked on maps. They are more or less visible and usually exit from the main routes and travel along secondary areas often used by mushroom pickers and hunters. Other trails are harder to find, and are usually situated in remote areas. Some of these have been made by the animals that surprisingly follow the same path day after day, month after month!

As in the whole of the Trentino Region, the maps ,maintenance and signs of the main paths are assigned to the SAT-SOCIETA ALPINISTI TRENTINI, who identify the trails with a number with the characteristic white and red colours.. These signs are usually positioned at the beginning of the trails and can be found for its whole length where there are deviations. The numbers can also appear on stones or trees, but always in their characteristic colours. Most maps illustrate the SAT trail numbers.

Areas may even have trails made and maintained by local entities such as the Nature Park or the municipality in order to promote a certain part of the valley. There are also apps available with the mapping of the trails...

At the top of the mountains on the scree where the points of reference can change due to landslides, rains etc... its helpful to build “oms”, men of stones, a universal signs of tracing paths....

We always recommend to keep on the marked trails because it's very easy to lose oneself in the mountains.


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