Star gazing

The sky above Baita Valon: GOLD certified, among the most beautiful skies in Italy

Experience a unique adventure observing the sky from a prime location

Experience a unique adventure observing the sky from a prime location, personally guided by an expert "star seeker", in collaboration with Astronomitaly.

In the dark, silent evenings of the Val d'Algone, an opportunity reserved for guests of Baita Valon, who will be able to observe the sky, discovering stars, planets and constellations, directly from our lawn.

The GOLD certification means ideal visibility, far from light pollution, even that not perceptible to the naked eye, which allows for optimal observation.

The collaboration with Astronomitaly, the leader in astrotourism in Italy, who provide a team of highly qualified personnel as well as the necessary equipment, allows you to fully experience star gazing at Baita Valon.

The night sky observation evening gives you the opportunity to experience the thrill of observing the sky by identifying stars, discovering well-known constellations, the Moon, the Galaxies and the Nebulae, as well as the planets of our solar system (e.g. Jupiter and Saturn). With the experts from Astronomitaly, a team of highly qualified (and friendly), passionate young professionals, you will also discover how to find your way around the sky. A professional telescope is available which will also allow you, on nights when they are visible, to photograph the Moon or other planets with a smartphone: a small souvenir of an authentic evening (depending on visibility).

Cost for a private group - up to a maximum of 7/8 people – from €350.00.

To book the evening, at least 7 days before the scheduled date: it is advisable to reserve the guide and to check the weather conditions.

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Rating 19 May 2019

I fell in love with the area, the park and the surrounding Dolomite peaks. The cabin was the ideal for us, we could relax at the end of the day after hours of hiking in the Dolomites and the quality of sleep is certainly from another planet than the city. Easily accessible hut and convenient parking. A regenerating experience that we ...


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